Esercizio N: 1041 - football

carry the ball and pass it to his companion unmarked

carry the ball and pass it to his companion unmarked

SHORT DESCRIPTION: the median brings the ball up to see a fellow of the movement that you must uncheck by opponents without going out of position

START: as described by drill

TEAMS: 2 teams 5 players per team

FIELD: is that outlined by the arrangement of the material

PURPOSE: perform to the best of the fundamental interested and go in goal game

DESCRIPTION: Two teams of five players each. The last player stands behind the four attackers in defense of the door. You start the attack with a rapid organization of the team in positions that cover the entire front of attack. A player has to run towards an advanced position (depth) and two have put on the two wings (amplitude). They must frequently exchange positions, but without altering the form.


TIPS: the basic concept of football is to attack to score goals. The team in possession of the ball tries to achieve this overcoming the resistance of the defending team. What are the key factors for maintaining possession of the ball under attack? Exploitation of space. Create depth and breadth in the process of setting of attack maneuvers

MATERIAL: 1 ball for 10 players, 4 corner flags, cones or other delimiting elements. Shirts or red and blue bibs

Action: football: attack
Dynamic Schemes: kick
Coordination Capacity: coupling capacity and motor combination, capacity of differentiation and spatiotemporal dynamics, ability to anticipate motor
Conditional Capacity: dexterity
Exercise type: sports exercises
Suitable for: cycle/age: third cycle (11-14 years old), second cycle 7-11 years
Duration: medium (5 to 15 minutes)
Judgment: excellent

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