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Esercizio N: 2031 - volleyball

Exercises in groups of three without the network - Bounce the ball high with angled side

Exercises in groups of three without the network - Bounce the ball high with angled side

SHORT DESCRIPTION: The three players are arranged in a triangle, approximately 3 meters away from each other. A player ago by side, ie he dribbles high once with and once with one another.

START: as described by drill in groups of three with no network

TEAMS: no team 3 players

FIELD: It is used for volleyball m. 18x9 longitudinally divided into three corridors

PURPOSE: perform to the best of the fundamental affected game

DESCRIPTION: A dribbles high for B which in turn high ripalleggia for A, A dribbles the ball up to C, which in turn high ripalleggia for A and so on. Rotate the body well, taking care to be pointing in the direction in which it pushes the ball. After some time or coach's signal, changing position A passes instead of B, B instead of C and C instead of A

VARIANTS: Repeat using the dribble instead Bagher high. Repeat without the bank, that is to give the ball to who you want. Repeat with an even more complex sequence: ABCBACBCA. Repeat without a fixed pattern, that is, give the ball to who you want. Repeat without a fixed pattern but with a small race with points if one of the three mistakes others earn 1 point each. Who arrives first to 10 points?

TIPS: After exchanging some players in different groups, creating groups with dynamic and different capacities. To optimize the space using the positioning system of the triangles as shown in figure

MATERIAL: balloons

Action: volleyball: dribble, volleyball: Bagher
Dynamic Schemes: run, jump
Coordination Capacity: coupling capacity and motor combination
Conditional Capacity: dexterity
Exercise type: sports exercises
Suitable for: cycle/age: from the third cycle onwards (over 11 years)
Duration: medium (5 to 15 minutes)
Judgment: excellent

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