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Esercizio N: 0132 - basic physical and motor activity

Shoot down the knight

Shoot down the knight


START: in circles a large circle and a small circle

TEAMS: 2 teams minimum 4 players per team

FIELD: about m. 20x20

PURPOSE: hit the pins placed at the center of the small circle

DESCRIPTION: the members of a team are arranged in a large circle, representing the strikers, those that need to knock down the pins. The other team members are arranged in a concentric circle but smaller and are the defenders, ie they must try not to knock down the pins. The attackers were in possession of a ball can pass, but they can not move from their location (possibly define the position of the Chinese guy). At the signal of the animator attackers try to knock down more pins as possible. At the end of the set time (eg. 2 minutes), the roles of the teams are reversed.

VARIANTS: Instead of running the timed game end the game when all the pins were abbattuti.Variare casting distance, widening the circle grande.Variare types lancio.Invece to stand still you can move out of a captain of cerchio.Mettere strikers who raises the pins and return the balls to their team

TIPS: To make the game more dynamic use 2 or 3 balls simultaneously, depending on the number of participants.

MATERIAL: 3-5 balls, any Chinese guy

Action: basic physical and motor activity, handball: shot
Dynamic Schemes: to launch, parry, run
Coordination Capacity: coupling capacity and motor combination, ability to anticipate motor, capacity of differentiation and spatiotemporal dynamics
Conditional Capacity: dexterity
Exercise type: launch of racing games and grab the ball
Suitable for: cycle/age: second cycle (7 - 11 years old), first (4 - 7 years) and third (11 - 14 years old) cycle
Duration: medium (5 to 15 minutes)
Judgment: excellent

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