Esercizio N: 0119 - basic physical and motor activity

tunnel football

tunnel football


START: in files legs apart, at a distance of about 1 meter from each other

TEAMS: 2 teams Free number of players per team

FIELD: It varies from m. Up to 10x10 m. 20x20, according to the number of participants

PURPOSE: complete all of the rounds doing faster and goals as possible

DESCRIPTION: a team competes at a time; members of the team on the pitch on their feet are placed at the side straddle the pins that indicate the distances. The No. 1 player has the ball in mano.Al animator-court player Signal No. 1 passes the ball under the legs of all the others, throwing his hands, the player # 10 takes the ball and playing it down-moves behind the 5-meter line and towards the goal. (The ball can be stopped or not, behind the firing line, at will). While the player with the ball makes the shot all the other players run for a position, the No. 1 passes instead of 2, 2 instead of 3, and so via.Lo same player who had kicked recovers the ball with your hands , it carries in place of No. 1 and passes the ball under the legs of all, to the last of the row, which repeats the shot, etc.

VARIANTS: Instead of playing time based on the number of goals scored, 1 point for each correct grid, plus 3 points for the team that finishes first.


MATERIAL: 1 ball and 1 door (or two pins to make the door) per team; possibly many pins as the number of team members to assign distances

Action: basic physical and motor activity, football: overall control), football: shot
Dynamic Schemes: kick, run
Coordination Capacity: ability to dynamic and static balance, coupling capacity and motor combination
Conditional Capacity: dexterity
Exercise type: relay races with the ball
Suitable for: cycle/age: second cycle (7 - 11 years old), Third Cycle 11 - 14 years
Duration: medium (5 to 15 minutes)
Judgment: excellent

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