Esercizio N: 0126 - basic physical and motor activity

hit those in the center

hit those in the center


START: free each team in their field

TEAMS: 3 teams Free number of players per team

FIELD: about m. 10x20 divided into 3 zones

PURPOSE: hitting members of the team that is at the center

DESCRIPTION: the field is divided into three zones, the white team is in zone X of the blacks in the team zone Z, the team of green in the middle of the field, ie in the area Y. The team of whites, at the beginning of the game has 2 or 3 balls. At the signal of the animator team must hit the white members of the team of greens that are in the center. The team of blacks on the other side raises the balls to the team of whites. After the stipulated time, as two minutes per team, teams will rotate in the fields. The team whose members are affected the least number of times.

VARIANTS: They can hit both those places on one side than those placed on the opposite side. In this case use only one ball or a maximum of two to volta.Usare a central circular field where there are those who have to esserte affected and all those who have to hit you carry out cerchio.Invece to run the timed game run game elimination, who is hit sits up, or exits from campo.Variare the launch distance, making larger the area Y.Variare types of lancio.Variare the type of movement of the players, eg crawling on all fours, to bent legs, etc.


MATERIAL: 3-5 balls

Action: basic physical and motor activity
Dynamic Schemes: to launch, dodge
Coordination Capacity: coupling capacity and motor combination, ability to anticipate motor, capacity of differentiation and spatiotemporal dynamics
Conditional Capacity: dexterity
Exercise type: launch of racing games and grab the ball
Suitable for: cycle/age: second cycle (7 - 11 years old), first (4 - 7 years) and third (11 - 14 years old) cycle
Duration: medium (5 to 15 minutes)
Judgment: excellent

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