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Esercizio N: 0114 - basic physical and motor activity

football without the ball

football without the ball


START: free in their field

TEAMS: 2 teams Free number of players per team

FIELD: It varies from m. Up to 10x20 m. 20x40, according to the number of participants

PURPOSE: be able to get the ball in a certain area over an opponent's court

DESCRIPTION: the teams are arranged freely in their own half campo.L'animatore, he begins the game by giving the ball to a part of a team. (The ball in this game is only symbolic, since there is not. In fact, the player who would have the ball raises his arm and keep it up until he loses or scores a goal). To pass the ball to a teammate is called the name of the person to whom you pass the ball. (Ex. If I do that I'm Gianapolovoglio pass the ball to a friend of mine named Mark MARCOOO scream !!!). At this point the player who has passed the ball lowers the arm and the one that has received it raises it. To remove the ball to the opponent you just touch the ball while it; when you touch it you have to shout your name to make it clear to all those in possession of the ball. The player who has the ball must be able to get in a certain area, or on a seat belt behind the goal line opposing camp

VARIANTS: Who has the ball you can not muovere.Usare different types of translocation, in fits and starts, a lame leg, side, taking the known animal gaits

TIPS: when among all the participants there are two players who have the same name either use the surname or a pseudonym

MATERIAL: (2 carpets like doors)

Action: basic physical and motor activity
Dynamic Schemes: run, dodge
Coordination Capacity: coupling capacity and motor combination, capacity of differentiation and spatiotemporal dynamics, sense of direction, ability to anticipate motor
Conditional Capacity: dexterity, full speed, overall strength
Exercise type: running plays without the ball: the chase games and take
Suitable for: cycle/age: second cycle (7 - 11 years old), first (4 - 7 years) and third (11 - 14 years old) cycle
Duration: medium (5 to 15 minutes)
Judgment: excellent

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