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Esercizio N: 0023 - basic physical and motor activity

I run, you dodge the ball

I run, you dodge the ball


START: as described by drill the team of blacks inside the court, the team of white out, in 2 rows

TEAMS: 2 teams minimum 4 players per team

FIELD: about m. 10x20

PURPOSE: the player of the white team entering the field should not be hit until his partner did not finish the round

DESCRIPTION: the team members of the whites are arranged in two rows. A component of the first row of the white team throws the ball in the field where the team of blacks and then make a tour (of the field or a fixed route). A component of the second row of the team of white simultaneously with the launch of their partner's ball enters the field of the team of blacks. The team members of blacks take the ball and, without running, but by performing the steps, must hit the part of the white team that enters their field in the time that the other component of the white team makes the rounds. When a pair of the white team has finished passes at the bottom of its row and begins another couple. Eventually the teams change roles

VARIANTS: Vary the percorso.Variare the type of race in making giro.Correre dribbling or kicking a palla.Dentro the blacks of the field kicking the ball with his feet instead of his hands


MATERIAL: 1 ball

Action: basic physical and motor activity, football: control, basketball: dribble
Dynamic Schemes: run, to launch, dodge
Coordination Capacity: coupling capacity and motor combination, sense of direction, ability to anticipate motor
Conditional Capacity: dexterity, overall speed
Exercise type: launch of racing games and grab the ball
Suitable for: cycle/age: second cycle (7 - 11 years old), first cycle 4-7 years
Duration: long (Over 15 minutes)
Judgment: excellent

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